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General conditions for the contract for provision of ticketing services

The following General conditions shall apply to Piletilevi and the Organiser.
1.  Definitions
1.1. Special conditions – supplements to the General conditions, which apply to Piletilevi and the Organiser. Special conditions take precedence over the General conditions.
1.2. Organiser –Event organiser, incl. a legal person, organisation or institution, which assumes responsibility for all circumstances related to the Event, incl. the occurrence of the event.
1.3. Contract – General and Special conditions and their annexes.
1.4. Final report – a report presented to the Organiser by Piletilevi, including the data about the entire Ticket presale.
1.5. Sales report – a report presented to the Organiser by Piletilevi, including the data about the sales during the Ticket presale period.
1.6. Ticket – an intact document on an original form or an electronic ticket, which guarantees the right of entrance to the Event to the person presenting the ticket, and the right to require repurchasing of the Ticket from the Organiser, in case the Event will not occur.
1.7. Piletilevi – AS Piletilevi, registry code 10568581, location Telliskivi tänav 60a, Tallinn 10412, provides the services of Ticket sales, administration and advertising for the Organiser’s Event pursuant to the conditions provided in the Contract.
1.8. Party – Organiser and Piletilevi separately; Parties – Organiser and Piletilevi together and jointly.
1.9. Order blank – relevant information concerning an Event; presented by the Organiser to Piletilevi.
1.10. General conditions – General conditions of this ticketing intermediation contract.
1.11. Event – an entertainment, public life, business or advertising event, incl. a performance, play, concert, disco, sports event, exhibition, trade fair, conference, competition, auction or other such event that requires purchasing a Ticket organised to the public by the Organiser.
2. Object of the Contract
2.1. The Organiser authorises Piletilevi to sell Tickets to an Event by presale and provide other related services pursuant to the conditions provided in the Contract. Ticket presale is the selling of Tickets to an Event by any mean, in any place, form and time before the occurrence of the Event.
2.2. Special conditions supplement General conditions and specify the conditions not regulated in the General conditions. In case the General and Special conditions contradict, Special conditions shall be applied. The Event and the relevant information concerning the Event are specified on the Order blank signed and presented by the Organiser.
3. Intermediation of sales contracts
Piletilevi intermediates the conclusion of the sales contracts between the Organiser and the Ticket buyers for the Organiser and in its interests. Piletilevi is not obliged or authorised to carry out the sales contracts. The rights and obligations related to the Ticket are established to the Ticket buyers by the Organiser, who is responsible for the content, amendment, and fulfilment of the Ticket buyers’ rights and obligations.
4. Obligations of the Parties
4.1. The Organiser undertakes to:
4.1.1. Present the Order blank to Piletilevi to have the Tickets put on sale or to put Tickets on sale by using the administrator’s rights of the administrative centre subject to Piletilevi.
4.1.2. Guarantee the advertising of Piletilevi’s trademark (logo) and/or referring to it in all publications, internet, television and radio advertisements that provide Ticket sales information. If the Organiser decides to present more extensive information about Piletilevi’s distribution network, it shall use “From Piletilevi’s points of sales and online at” Piletilevi’s corporate design is available online at in subsection ORGANISER > LOGOS – CORPORATE DESIGN;
4.1.3. Accept at the Event entrance the Tickets on original ticket forms provided by Piletilevi and the sales channels of Piletilevi’s partners, and electronic Tickets purchased online;
4.1.4. Buy Tickets back from buyers, in case the Event is cancelled, or its time, location or artist has been changed, or the Event is substituted with another Event,
4.2. Piletilevi undertakes to:
4.2.1. Organise the presale of Tickets;
4.2.2. Present the Organiser with the Tickets’ Sales report and/or make the Final report available at the Piletilevi’s online environment;
4.2.3. Make the information concerning Ticket sales available to the Organiser at the Piletilevi’s online environment by transferring the user passwords of the sales system to the Organisers’ online system users in a reasonable time starting from the beginning of Tickets’ presale in a form enabling written reproduction.
4.2.4. Guarantee the exposure of advertising materials according to the advertising agreement. The Order blank for advertising is added to the Special conditions. If another person/company engaged in ticket intermediation besides Piletilevi is included in advertising materials, Piletilevi is not obliged to expose the advertising materials.
5. Liability
5.1. Piletilevi is not liable before the Ticket buyers or third persons for the occurrence, organisation, advertising, information or other circumstances and content of the Event; also not for the possible expenses and damages conditioned by the non-occurrence of the Event. All claims arising from the abovementioned reasons shall be settled by the Organiser.
5.2. In case the Event will not occur, is postponed, the location is changed, or the Event is replaced with another Event, Piletilevi is not obliged to buy Tickets back or compensate for them. The repurchasing of and/or compensating for the Tickets is the liability of the Organiser, if not informed otherwise.
5.3. The Organiser is liable for the hardware and software trusted to them and shall reimburse the caused damage in the extent of the market value of the item.
6.  Force majeure
The Parties shall not assume any liability for the violation of the Contract, if appropriate performance is impossible due to the circumstances of Force majeure. In case the influence of Force majeure is temporary, the violation of the Contract is excusable only for the period during which the phenomenon hindered the fulfilment of the obligation. In the situation of Force majeure, the Parties are still obliged to take effort, if possible, to guarantee continual performance of the Contract and eliminate obstacles. The Parties shall continue fulfilling their contractual obligations as soon as such obstacles have been removed. Force majeure alters the deadlines provided in the Contract by the period during which the performance of the Contract was hindered due to the mentioned factors.
7. Final provisions
7.1. Piletilevi is entitled to change the General conditions by publishing a respective information on its homepage at 14-days’ notice.
7.2. In case a Contract provision is invalid or contradicts law, it shall not influence the validity of other provisions of the Contract.
7.3. Disputes arising from this Contract between the Parties shall be settled through negotiations. If consensus is not reached, the disputes shall be settled pursuant to the procedure established in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.